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The School of Irish Archaeology’s mission is to educate our young people about Ireland’s rich ancient culture. We bring the past to life through practical, interactive experiences in a hands-on learning environment.

The Big Dig and other SIA events recreate archaeological excavation sites, where children discover their past using simple tools and techniques. We aim to introduce the profession of archaeology to children in a fun and enjoyable way.

This approach is perfectly suited to a child’s natural curiosity and eagerness to roll up their sleeves and explore a site. They learn to recognise and log details of ancient artefacts, tools, bones and utensils, as they develop an understanding of Irish heritage, culture and identity.

Ireland’s landscape and regions contain a wealth of historical treasures, which means a different story can be discovered wherever we go. Our classes, camps and events take in geological and environmental circumstances of ancient times, which often determined where a culture might thrive, and where it would not.

Children can take a step back into history, as they recreate ancient items such as clay pots and leather shoes, and even ancient weapons. Our camps offer a safe and fun environment, where we explore the past through our future.

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